Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lennox Update:

The court gave its Judgement on Friday 30th September. Sadly, the original destruction order was upheld.

The legal team for Lennox will no doubt be studying the wording of the Judgement to ascertain whether there are grounds for any further legal action in an effort to save Lennox from the death penalty.

There are 14 days in which to lodge an appeal, whilst legal proceedings are ongoing, Lennox will be kept alive and remain held.

We have received a large number of emails regarding the situation and will try to respond to them all-please bear with us.

Please also bear in mind that Lennox's family need a little space to deal with this latest news.

Export of Lennox does not appear to be an option, there have been several offers put forward from people trying to help, the court has ordered destruction and then this order has been upheld at the latest appeal hearing.

Northern Ireland has its own breed specific legislation-it is similiar to that in England, Wales and Scotland, but not the same.

The legislation affecting Lennox is as follows:

The Dogs Northern Ireland Order 1983
Dangerous Dogs Act Northern Ireland Order 1991
Dogs Amendment Act NI 2001
Dogs Amendment Act NI 2011