Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lennox-Case Ongoing:

Further to our last update, it is confirmed that legal action regarding pet dog Lennox, is ongoing.

Following on from the last court hearing on 30th September, where the appeal (against a destruction order) was dismissed by Judge Rodgers, a set time (14 days in NI) in which to lodge a further appeal was given; this is normal procedure in legal proceedings of this nature.

Appeals at this level can be lodged on a point of law via way of case stated, paperwork has been submitted and the case is ongoing.

Court destruction orders are not enforced whilst legal proceedings are ongoing.

An appeal at this level in the court system, once granted leave (permission has to be given by the court) would review whether there has been an error in the way the law has been applied to a specific case.

We have received many emails on this subject asking questions regarding the legislation in the UK and understand that many people are outraged and upset:

As an organisation involved with breed specific legislation legal hearings and campaigns, we have studied in depth the law in Northern Ireland for some time, corresponded with DARD and followed the progress of the Dogs Amendment 2011 (NI), we have forwarded our findings and liaised with a barrister, experienced with canine cases, here in England.

As this is very much an ongoing legal case where a innocent dog's life hangs in the balance we will not be stating our thoughts regarding the Judgment which has been posted on the Internet via the Belfast City Council web site, as requested to do so via many emails received-we have submitted our opinions based on our research on both current law and case law directly to those involved.

If you haven't already signed the petition to support Lennox, please take a few moments to do so and share with your family and friends. Petition here.

Meanwhile Lennox remains held, his family awaits further news as do his thousands of supporters around the world.

Belfast Telegraph News 20/10/11