Thursday, 18 August 2011

Puppy Farming - the facts

What is a Puppy Farm?
You may have already heard of the phrase ‘Puppy Farming’ but are probably unaware of just how big an issue this is in the UK.
Puppy Farms/commercial dog breeding establishments exists all over the UK (and in Eire) with higher concentrations in specific areas such as Wales and Northern Ireland.
A 'puppy farm' can involve a small to a large number of dogs breeding and producing puppies; the reason for existence being that of financial gain which takes priority.
Pictured here is 'Blondie' who was sold from a Pet Shop as a puppy just in time for Christmas. Originally bred on a licensed breeding premises in Wales, Blondie was sold and later returned as he was sick and seemed to have deformed legs. He then waited in the pet shop for another buyer, offered at a 'reduced price' as he was thin and described as neurotic & labelled as the 'runt' which had been returned. He was sold on to someone who felt sorry for him and later ended up in rescue with EDDR arriving with behavioural problems all stemming from his puppy experiences as well as digestive issues.
Puppy Farms exist to make profit with little regard to welfare standards and that critical component for an well adjusted puppy – correct socialisation.

Running/operating costs are reduced wherever possible, to maximize profits, what this can mean is that dogs (the breeding bitches and stud dogs) and puppies are kept in appalling conditions with puppies produced dying before reaching the buyer or sold off with heredity diseases along with physical and psychological problems-resulting in further suffering, heartache and veterinary bills for their new families.

Some breeding premises are unlicensed and other are licensed by the Local Authority, these breeding sites exist to supply puppies to the public, as demand is high in our throw away society and the trade is tragically flourishing.
Puppies from puppy farms can have pedigrees and paperwork.

Dogs are kept in kennel premises for the sole purpose of the mass production of puppies, who are when a few weeks of age transported en masse across the country to be sold in pet shops and through dealers advertising through 3rd parties such as newspapers and on the Internet.
Puppy farming is in our opinion a sickening trade which continues right under our noses, in our own country, a country which is known as a ‘nation of dog lovers’.
But, it’s sadly all about the money, the money made by the puppy farmers, the dealers, the pet shop outlets, it’s big business to churn out litter after litter after litter of pups and the dogs used for breeding are no more than a commodity, to be exposed of once finished with.

You just have to stop and think – what kind of life do these breeding dogs have?
It is well known that many puppy farm dogs live miserable lives, crammed into dismal kennel pens in large numbers, desperate for human company  and affection, living in filthy stinking conditions where the highlight of the day is some dried food thrown in and the remainder of the day is spent pacing round in circles as the boredom breaks their spirits and the injuries and illness breaks their bodies.
Once born, many puppy farm pups will lose their fight for life due to sub-standard conditions before the surviving ones are packed into vehicles and transported out across the country all ready to look cute and cuddly for the public.
Sadly, it's the public who through their purchases of puppy farm dogs;

- keep commercial breeders in business
- keep puppies mum and dad and thousands like them confined solely for their next breeding
- keep dealers and 3rd party traders in business
you may not have realised that your money is what fuels and maintains this practice.

Where could that puppy be from?
Puppies don't just appear in a pet shop, or with a dealer, they have been bred somewhere, they have a sire and a dam-their parents somewhere, litter brother and sisters somewhere, they have lived the past few weeks, those critical weeks for puppy development, somewhere before you met them.
Pictured here is a Shih-Tzu puppy brought from a Pet Shop; he originally came from a commercial breeding site in Wales.
Think about the adverts you read all over the Internet, litters of puppies from multiple breeds of dogs, bred to demand, where and how do you really think they all have come about?
Council appointed kennels are full of unclaimed stray dogs and rescue dog shelters are bursting with unwanted dogs, yet the multi-breed dealers are full of puppies all "ready to go" once you've paid your money and taken your choice.
Please speak out for puppy farm dogs:

Please don’t turn away and leave it to someone else, everyone can do their bit to help puppy farms dogs, no matter how big or small your contribution is, every bit helps, you are their voice, please act and help.
Do you think it is acceptable for dogs to be:
Kept in the dark to save electricity
Left in faeces and urine soaked pens
Isolated from people and left in squalor
Wounded, lame, injured & not receive veterinary treatment
Desperate for a life, denied the right to express normal behaviour
Bred until their bodies collapse
Discarded when no longer of any use
Left in cold damp cages and pens
Thirsty, hungry, in despair, pacing in circles to try alleviate the boredom
Not ever experience a walk in the park, games in a garden, cuddles on a sofa
born and left dying on cold concrete floors
Bewildered, frightened, crammed and transported across the UK for sale
sold as puppies with heredity defects, mental & physical traumas
And all for what? To meet public demand.
How You Can Help:
  • Please don’t buy a puppy from a pet shop, a puppy farm, a dealer, puppy ‘superstores’ (multi- breeds all ready for sale). Be aware, do your research, find out the facts. Trading Standards receive many complaints from people who have brought puppies which have died or are ill.
Looking to share your life with a dog? Please consider adopting a rescue dog or puppy, there are thousands in need of good homes right now.
  • Tell your family and friends, spread the word wherever you can. Write to your local newspaper and highlight the issue.
  • Contact your Member of Parliament (MP) at the House of Commons, London SW1A OAA. To find out who your is visit: Ask for an end to puppy farms, it is time for the Government to take action as this trade is flourishing and has been allowed to exist for years. Puppy Farms Must END.
For information on groups who specialise in campaigning against puppy farmers; please visit our links page.
Puppy Farms Must End:
Will YOU speak out and hear their cries or look the other way?