Friday, 26 August 2011

Huge Puppy Farm Carmarthenshire Wales-Update

Peaceful protest planned as dog lovers stand united against 196 dog Puppy Farm:

Carmarthenshire Council planning committee met on the 18th August 2011 to discuss a retrospective planning application for Beili Bewd Farm in Carmarthenshire Wales.
Planning is sought for a converted agricultural shed to kennel 96 dogs used for breeding, bringing the total number of breeding dogs to 196 on site. Planning application w/24449 was sadly ‘recommended for approval’ you can read the details on the council web site here.
A council site visit (to the breeding kennels) is now scheduled for 30th August, after this, the council are expected on the same day to conclude the application.
The council have stated they received 739 representations; objections were submitted in writing and covered many issues including that of animal welfare, coming from across the country, we submitted our own objection and received a written reply from the council.
Protesters gathered outside Carmarthen County Hall at the last planning meeting to peacefully protest against this puppy farm, you can have your say here ‘Protest over puppyfarm in Carmarthenshire’
The elimination of all factory farming of dogs is needed, if this application succeeds this one premises will be the largest in Wales.  
Whilst thousands of dogs are dying in flooded council pounds and stray dog kennels across the country due to their over-breeding, puppy farms are licensed to churn out huge numbers of puppies from parents kept confined within concrete pens to be used solely for breeding.
There is also a petition set up ‘Say No to Carmarthenshire puppy farm, currently supported by 2,285 people, please sign the petition and pass it on to your contacts and friends.
On 30 August there is a peaceful protest organised for 11am outside Carmarthen County Hall, all are welcome-just turn up, the press are expected to attend, 196 dogs need your voice and your support, please don’t forget them.