Wednesday, 2 May 2018

DEFRA Consultation

Banning third party sales of pets in England: call for evidence.

Consultation description:

Defra are inviting evidence from all stakeholders and experts on the effect of introducing a ban on third party sales of puppies and kittens in England. 
This ban would mean that pet shops, pet dealers and other outlets and licensed sellers of puppies and kittens would be unable to sell these pets unless they themselves have bred them. 
DEFRA want to know:
  • whether the ban should be made
  • how the ban should apply
  • what specific measures might be adopted
  • what other issues should be considered
Presently, DEFRA  are seeking people to send them evidence which will specifically help them to understand the effect of introducing a ban, and any limitations of doing so. 
DEFRA do not want people to send in their wider opinions at this stage.

Ways to respond

Email to:

Write to:

Animal Welfare Team
Area 5B Nobel House
17 Smith Square,