Friday, 10 March 2017

Rescue Dog Troops

Out and about on his dog wheels:

One of our rescue residents - Troops, suffered a spinal stroke three years ago, he was rushed in as an emergency and spent a week at a specialist veterinary hospital undergoing treatment before being released home. 

He has been left with paralysis in both back legs and has a set of canine wheels which he was measured up for, we have also undertaken many canine hydrotherapy sessions and physiotherapy.

There have been many challenges along the road and a full recovery was never made, but we enjoy every day and find ways to make each day a good day, with fun, games, lots of mental stimulation and plenty of trips out in the car - a favorite especially with stops for food provisions :)

Diet and supplements have been constantly reviewed and we have built a special low bed with a deep memory foam mattress for extra comfort and pressure relief, grooming and massage is a daily favourite; improving circulation, maintaining flexibility and promoting relaxation, along with easing any tension in the muscles and joints.

Troops also likes a shower and a blow dry!