Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lennox Remembered - One Year On

R.I.P – Lennox:

Gone But Not Forgotten xx


Lennox was a five year old crossbreed dog who was seized on 19th May 2010 from his family home in Belfast Northern Ireland.
He was taken under breed specific legislation (BSL) which has been in force in Northern Ireland since introduced in 1991 and amended in 2001 and then again in 2011. This is separate law (although similar) to that in England, Scotland & Wales.
Lennox had never put a paw wrong, he was held for his appearance - for looking like a prohibited type of dog. Lennox was neutered, licensed (dog licence in NI) for the past 5 years of his life, micro-chipped, insured, DNA registered & pet safe registered, his family had no access to visit him whilst he was held.
Following extensive legal appeals at the courts in Northern Ireland and a worldwide campaign to save him - Lennox Campaign Details here.
Lennox had his life taken from on 11th July 2012
One year on - we remember Lennox - a dog who shone a light on to the cruelty that is breed specific legislation
and for Lennox and every canine which has been, is and will be persecuted, prosecuted and killed by BSL:
We will continue to speak out - Not In My Name
Gone But Not Forgotten