Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Public Consultation – Dangerous Dogs Act – Wales:

Last opportunity to have your say -  the deadline is 21st December 2012:
Your views are being sought on a government proposal to increase the fee to add a prohibited type of dog (section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act) to the Index of Exempted Dogs.
The application fee is currently set at £24 (£20+VAT) and is proposed to increase to £92 approx. (77+VAT).

Currently pet owners who have been through the court system, based mainly on their dog’s appearance, will need to complete the exemption process, within two calendar months, if the court orders exemption as the alternative to destruction of their dog. They may have to find hundreds of pounds in relation to this for example kennel boarding and court costs, neutering, tattoo, insurance and in some cases veterinary and health costs once their dog is released to them from custody.
This is a Defra consulatation specifically for Wales as a previous consultation asked for views on a proposed increase in this fee for dog owners in England. We contacted Defra to ask them if there will be a separate consultation for Scotland and they replied there is not one planned at this time.
We wrote to Defra to ask them if those outside of Wales could participate in this consultation and to confirm what is proposed, they replied:

“The consultation proposal to increase the fee to place a dog on the Index of Exempted Dogs on the is aimed at Wales only because we have already consulted in England, as part of Defra’s wider package of proposals to tackle irresponsible dog ownership (the consultation in England ran from 23 April to 15 June 2012). 

All the other proposals will apply to England only, whilst the proposal to increase the Index fee will affect both England and Wales.

We propose increasing the fee from £20+VAT to £77+VAT to reflect the full cost of administering the Index.

If you did not respond to the England only consultation, we would welcome your comments to this consultation.”

The Consultation Summary:
Defra is seeking views from Wales on a proposed increase in the fee for placing a dog on the Index of Exempted Dogs.
The proposal has already been consulted upon in England as part of a package of measures aimed at tackling irresponsible ownership of dogs. However, the other proposals would apply to England only. The Index of Exempted Dogs applies to Wales as well as England.

How to respond:
Please send responses to either:

Hugh Togher-Animal Welfare Team
Area 8B, 9 Millbank
c/o 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR.
Tel: 020 7238 5991