Monday, 9 July 2012

Peaceful Anti-BSL Protests - UK

These peaceful protests have been organised through the facebook social networking site (not by us) where you can find a group/page for each venue, with further information and details. Leave dogs at home unless otherwise stated.

Being held on Saturday 14th July 2012 at 11am.

Six peaceful protests will be taking place around the UK.

These protests will be calling on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to repeal Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Section 1 is Breed Specific Legislation which has been shown as ineffectual with regards to protecting the public and other animals from so-called ‘dangerous’ dog breeds.

We believe that innocent family pets should not be seized simply because of how they look. A large number of dogs who have never shown any aggression, or posed any threat, have been killed or held in secure kennels for months, sometimes years, just because they fit the ‘type’ profile.

Any dog, regardless of breed, can be dangerous when in the wrong hands; it is those wrong hands that the law should focus on. If you believe that it should be the deed, not the breed, join our fight for their right to life by attending one of these peaceful protests:

Check with the groups listed below on facebook in case any details have changed.
Website: Peaceful Protests Around the UK Against the DDA

Brighton - The Pier, Madeira Drive 11am and then then a walk along to The Ocean Room on Morley Street. No Dogs please. Visit the facebook event page 'Brighton Peaceful Protest Against Sec 1 (BSL) of the DDA'

Cardiff - Meet outside the Castle - Queen Street. Visit the facebook group - 'Welsh Protest Against BSL'

Glasgow - George Square. Visit the facebook group - 'Glasgow Protest Against BSL'

Hampshire - Southsea Common. Visit the facebook group - 'Hampshire Protest March Against BSL'

London - 11am -3pm Old Palace Yard - Westminster. Visit the facebook group 'London Protest March Against BSL' Facebook Event page - 'London Protest Against BSL' Dogs best left at home please

Manchester - Piccadilly Gardens,
Visit the facebook event page 'Peaceful Protest Around the UK-Manchester Demo' No Dogs please.

The organisers hope to be making this a yearly event, next year America, Australia and France will be joining in on the same day.
Date to be confirmed and we hope many other countries who are affected by BSL will join.