Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Microchipping of Dogs - Welsh Consultation:

Welsh Government Public Consultation 2012 – Microchipping of Dogs:

This consultation will consider whether all dogs in Wales should be microchipped, new plans were put forward this month by the Environment Minister, John Griffiths.

A public consultation, where you can have your say, will run from 16th May 2012 until 8 August 2012. We contacted the Welsh Government to clarify who can respond and they have confirmed that any individual or organisation can participate-the consultation is not confined to Welsh residents.

How To Respond:

Up to the 8th August 2012

You can participate by using:

- the online form: Respond Online Here
- by email to:
- by post to: Animal Welfare and By-Products Branch, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ

Welsh Government News Release:

Minister proposes microchipping for all dogs in Wales. New plans to help improve the welfare of all dogs in Wales have been set out by Environment Minister, John Griffiths. Wednesday 16 May 2012The Minister has launched a consultation that considers whether all dogs in Wales should be microchipped. Under the plans information included in the microchip, including details of the pet’s owner, would be recorded on an approved database.

The Welsh Government estimates that there are currently just short of half a million dogs in Wales and that 30% of households in Wales own at least one dog. The plans are aimed at encouraging all dog owners in Wales to take responsibility for their animals in line with the aims of the Animal Health & Welfare Strategy. The Environment Minister said:

“There’s no doubt that Wales is a nation of dog lovers, with around three out ten households in Wales owning at least one dog.
“We believe that the majority of dog owners in W+ales are responsible and take good care of their animals. As a Government we are committed to building on this to ensure high welfare standards for all dogs.

“Microchipping ensures a permanent identification for animals and only needs to be done once in a dog’s life. It makes it easier to reunite lost dogs with their owners, acts as a deterrent against dog theft, and helps to prove dog ownership if there are ever any problems with the animal.
“The consultation sets out five options for how we might drive up levels of microchipping and I welcome the views of all interested parties.”
Compulsory microchipping could:

Improve animal welfare by making it easier to return a stray dog to its owners
Develop responsible dog ownership by ensuring greater traceability of owners
Help to establish liability and prove ownership
Assist in control measures in case of diseases that can be passed from dogs to humans
Deter dog thef

Microchipping of dogs is widely available across Wales. The Dogs Trust is currently offering microchipping at £10 per dog.

The plans to introduce compulsory microchipping are just one aspect of the work to increase dog welfare. The Welsh Government is currently consulting on regulations to control dog breeding and help improve standards of living for dogs. It is also considering bringing forward primary legislation that would help to manage uncontrolled and potentially dangerous dogs.