Wednesday, 27 July 2011


About Us:

The Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue (EDDR) offers free information, education and advice to help, defend and better protect all dogs in need.

We actively promote responsible dog ownership.

EDDR campaigns, raises awareness and offers support on canine welfare issues.

We give advice concerning dog related legal matters and legislation affecting dogs.

EDDR operates a small rescue & rehoming service for dogs with special needs and we also have a number of rescue dogs in our long term care who have been unable to find the right home for them or are presently unable to be re-homed due to age, illness or behavioural issues.
We also offer a rescue advisory service; in particular we have good experienced knowledge of all bull breeds and are able to offer practical help and advice to both individual owners as well as canine welfare organisations

EDDR operates voluntary run telephone helplines where owners can ring for advice on all matters canine, if we can't directly help ourselves-we will be able to recommend someone who can.

EDDR is opposed to breed specific initiatives and has worked tirelessly at grass roots level for over thirteen years defending and helping innocent dogs unfairly treated on account of their phenotype.

We aim to defend all dogs, providing a voice for the voiceless.

We are run entirely by dedicated volunteers who donate all their time and efforts.

The Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd (EDDR) is registered in England & Wales No.3795265.